SAJAYA® Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) represents new era in software programs and applications developed for the Arab region to fulfill the Arab user requirements in compliance with international standards.

SAJAYA® system aims to organize processes, provide data to help enterprises make the right decisions, achieve their goals, save effort and money.


SAJAYA® is an integrated system for managing enterprises and organizations resources. SAJAYA® consists of correlated application covering financial,

administrative, operations and other areas, working on unified platform, providing the best solutions for public & private companies.

By using SAJAYA®, the organization will be able to provide precise vision for managing business in a better way and activate Excellency and Innovation.

SAJAYA® system proves its efficiency and strength by applying it on large segment of companies from different business sectors, covering services, commercial and industrial enterprise. SAJAYA® Works on achieving the following:

  • Design the company’s hierarchy and goals in a customized and flexible way.
  • Structure the company data in a reliable and strong way.
  • Immediate response to the enterprise internal operations.
  • Increase productivity and decrease cost and resources.

SAJAYA Modules:

Commercial Enterprise Resource Planning

Industrial Enterprise Resource Planning

Service Enterprise Resource Planning

Car Rental Enterprise Resource Planning

Construction Enterprises Resource Planning

Educational Enterprise Resource Planning

Human Resources Management

You can check Sajaya ERP Arabic presentation for each module by clicking below:

Highlighted Features:

Generally, SajayaERP™ an international ERP:

  • Approved and matured, worked in 7 countries, 8 sectors and satisfies big enterprises.
  • Designed to comply the international standards and specialized for the Arab region.
  • Comprehensive, secured and extremely user friendly.
  • Parametrized functionality to adopt various business needs and environments.
  • End user can create, design, save and share various and unlimited new reports and charts directly from the system.
  • End user can define, customize and share unlimited notifications and alerts among the system.
  • Dynamic and customizable dashboard for each single user.
  • Three-Tier Architecture, Centralized Database and Top-Notch technology have been adopted.
  • A lot more….

Who is using SAJAYA?